The Cover Company offers the widest range of quality outdoor furniture covers in stock in the UK.

All our covers are available in Black or Light Grey.

A. Orders can be placed through the website or if you would prefer we can send you an official quote with payment link.

All major debit & credit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, American express.

We can assist you in 3 ways. There is a How To Measure guide at the bottom of each page. We also have videos on how to measure various different furniture and settings. Alternatively you can send us a photo of your furniture / item to service@thecovercompany.uk and we will send you a photo of your furniture with the measurements required.

Our warehouse does not currently offer a collection option at this time. However delivery is available throughout the UK for only £10.50. Should you require your covers faster we also offer express delivery for £16.50

Yes, we deliver throughout the UK using express couriers and Royal Post for non metro areas.

Standard delivery is £10.50 Alternatively express delivery is available for £16.50

Ready-made covers are dispatched the same day and are delivery to regional areas is done by Royal post or standard courier. Express delivery usual takes place within 1- 2 business days. See shipping policy for more information. Delivered by an express courier. Standard Delivery is usual 2 - 4 business days after placing the order.

Orders will be processed and dispatched to the delivery address entered when placing the order. We rely on customers to enter their delivery address correctly.

We will do our upmost to assist you redirect the parcels or change the delivery address. Please note however we cannot guarantee redirection of parcels or change of address after an order has been submitted. The purchaser is responsible for costs involved in redirecting or lost parcels due to change of address.

A change of address request is to be made via EMAIL ONLY

EMAIL: Service@thecovercompanycompany.uk

SUBJECT: Change of Address


- Order Number
- Name on order
- Original delivery address
- New Delivery Address

Standard: 4 weeks
Express: 3 weeks
Priority Express: 10 - 14 Days

Please note Express & Priority Express are not available in January

Your custom made cover will jump the production queue and will be made immediately. Once made your custom cover we won't hang around waiting to be collected ! Instead we’ll chauffeur it to the depot where it will be sent to you directly on the fastest courier service available.

Express custom made covers will be made before non-express and then couriered to the warehouse and dispatched. With express delivery you can expect the cover to arrived to you within 3 weeks.

The above options can be selected on the product page

Please note regardless of the lead time selected delivery is still £10.50 at checkout

You don’t need to be at home to receive delivery our courier will leave your order in a safe place where possible. If delivery is to an apartment or there is nowhere suitable to leave the order the courier will leave a card for redelivery or collection from the local collection point.

READY MADE COVERS: Within 1 business day of your order being received you will receive the tracking details for delivery via email. If you have not received the tracking details please check the junk/spam folder. In the event you cannot locate the tracking detail please live chat or email us service@thecovercompany.uk with your order number.

CUSTOM MADE COVERS: You can track the progress of your order at the bottom right hand side of the website by entering the order number and email. Please note there is a delay of 24 – 48 hours. You also receive a separate email once your order has arrived into the London warehouse and been dispatched. If you have not received the tracking details please check junk folder. In the event you still cannot locate the tracking detail please live chat or email us service@thecovercompany.uk with your order number.

Some cover retailers offer multiple grades of material in their covers, from inferior to premium quality. We only supply quality outdoor covers and only use premium material.

Most outdoor furniture covers in Europe are made from PVC/Vinyl or recycled polyester.
PVC/Vinyl is heavy duty, waterproof and feels durable. It’s great for rain however PVC is prone to cracking. As well as cracking PVC and vinyl covers looks shiny, plasticky and cheap. In comparison our covers have a stylish fabric exterior, so look much nicer while offering the same level of waterproofing and won't crack like those PVC ones.

Ready-made covers are mass-produced and therefore take a lot less time to make each cover. Custom-made covers are shipped express airfreight that is very expensive. In comparison the ready-made covers are shipped in a container by sea and take weeks to arrive.

Yes, many cover retailers offer 2, 3 or 5 years warranty however they have many conditions and waivers such as waterproofing and fading. Our covers come with 1 years warranty and it covers waterproofing and excess fading.

No, in our many years of making outdoor furniture covers this has never been an issue.

Sometimes furniture is made using inferior materials such as poor quality timbers, fabrics, rope and wicker. We don’t know the durability of items you are covering, how they are made, what materials were used, if they are suitable for your environment or if the manufacturer designed it to be covered.

We cannot be responsible for how & where the covers are used/fitting or even  if fit for purpose the end user has aquired them for.

No, it’s recommended to leave a couple of centimetres (CM'S) between the ground of the cover to assist in airflow. Don’t use protective outdoor furniture covers on indoor furniture. Only use outdoor covers on outdoor furniture. Indoor furniture should be kept indoors.

Yes, all our covers use waterproof solution dyed polyester. The water can even pool on the fabric and it will not seep through. Please note even through our seams are double turned and stitched if the water if left to pool on the stitching it will eventually seep through the fabric over time.

All our covers are made from a solution dyed 200gsm polyester. The covers have the same appearance of a good quality outdoor lounge cushion however feature a TPU coating on the underside that makes them waterproof.

This depends on where you are located and environment for example a cover full exposed facing south will have shorter longevity compared to  a cover that is partially under an awning facing north. From our experience you can expect your cover to last 5 – 6 years with semi exposure or 3 – 4 years if fully exposed to the elements.


Ready-made covers are usually booked in with the courier and dispatched within 4 – 8 business hours. Once your order has been collected by the courier it cannot be redirected. The cover will then be delivered and need to be returned to us, a return fee will then be applied to your refund. The refund will be processed once the order has been returned.


The order can be cancelled upon request within 24 hours of payment. Please note a 3%  fee will be deducted of the portion of the order that is cancelled. This is to cover merchant fees and administration.

Click on the “Return policy”  at the bottom of any page  and fill out the  “return form”.

Please Note:  Only send  the cover/s to our warehouse until you have received an inbound number.

Please note a return fee of £16.50 will be deducted from the refund, this amount is to cover the cost involved in shipping your order to you, checking and repacking the returned cover plus merchant fees. Freight cost of returning the cover is not included and is returned at your cost.

Your refund will be processed within 5 business days by the same payment method used to for the original order. Please note some credit card take two business days before the funds clear your account.
Custom made covers can be cancelled within 24 hours of placing your order. Between 24 – 48 hours of receiving your production would have commenced making your order and cannot be cancelled.

If the cover appears to be incorrect. CONTACT US with your order number, name, Photo/s and a brief description of the issue. We will get in touch to rectify the problem.

Short answer is No.

There is a couple of reasons why replacement covers cannot be redesigned or have changes made to the measurements.

1st. The technical department within the factory will need to redesign ( prepare for template for production )  the cover incurring  additional delays and cost.

2nd If the mistake was made by the production team they will be liable for the cost of the replacing cover. Any changes made will be considered as a new brand cover and costs will be passed.

It is important that the measurements are carefully checked and double checked prior to placing the order.

No, any modifications or alterations will void the warranty.

This will affect the waterproofing properties and void the warranty. You can use a garden hose to clean the cover or clean it using warm soapy water and a sponge or cloth. Avoid using a brittle brush or an abrasive cleaning pad.

Short Answer: In most cases no.

When we’ve photograhed covers we make beospoke frames to suit the covers. The covers we supply customers are design to be loose enough for one person to take them on and off easily.  In comparsion the frames to photoshoot the covers  are so big the covers only just fit them and it takes 2 people ( sometimes 3) to fit/ remove the cover.

Just like clothing brands use the best models when photoshooting their garments (with some editing)  we do the same for our covers.  We can supply you raw images of the covers taken by customers. Just ask

With outdoor covers there are  2 types of materials.

1st Is Viny/PVC based – This is what  hardware store, Barbeque retailers supply. It’s great  for waterproofing in the short term however in 12 – 18 months it will crack and tear, making the cover useless. PVC/vinyl do not show gradual fading, however they go brittle and flake into pieces.

2nd. Polyester- this is what our covers are made of. They won’t crack and split like the other covers, they also won’t turn a white colour or flake. The covers will fade gradually as time goes by. This does not effect the longevity of the cover or it’s ability to protect the item being covered.

No, The Cushion Company is an Australian Company. VAT registration with HMRC is pending as such we do not charge VAT.

We are  located at Unit 5, Dublin Road Ind. Est, Strabane, BT82 9EA | Northern Ireland  UK .Our online customer service team are available from 10am – 7:30pm. The Cover Company is a 100%  online retailer,  our office and warehouse is not open to public. 

No, We are a 100% Australian owned company 

Yes, you can provide our team with the measurements and photos of the item you are looking to cover and we will send you an official invoice. within 48 hours of  the order being finalised  we will email you the drawing of the cover  before putting it into production. Please note due to the extra processes incurred in offline manual  orders manual service fee of 20%  will occur. By ordering online your order is streamlined and therefore you save.

Custom made orders placed online are automaticlly processed and is a streamlined and quicker process with a faster turn around time.   If the order is done manually the process is longer and involves.  1st confirming  measurements / desired design , 2. Quoting, 3.  Issue offical invoice with custom cover particulars, 4. Have CAD drawings made, 5. email drawings for approval, 6. revise drawings. 7. Amend/ Revise and 8. Wait for approval and submit.

Because of the detailed nature of covers it is vital we keep measurements, photos and details  in writing.

Over the telephone we cannot see the items to be covered  which makes finding the best soution less likley.   If there are multiple items that need covering  or the cover is  complex there is a higher chance for human error over the telephone.

Our customer service team is available every day from 10am until 7:30pm via the live chat on the website or via email. Service@thecovercompany.uk

Please find video : CLICK HERE

  • Live chat with us 7 days a week been 10:00am – 7:30pm
  • Email us on service@thecovercompany.uk