This protective outdoor furniture cover is designed to suit most  modern 9 piece dining settings.  As outdoor furniture design has evolved overtime  it  has become  more space saving and streamline. This cover is made to cover most outdoor settings that consist of a 200cm – 220cm Long table  and 8 chairs.  This cover will keep your furniture clean, dry and looking newer for longer.  To insure your cover stays in position on even the windiest day six tie points feature around the base that can be secured to the furniture.


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  • Waterproof
  • Uv Resistant
  • 6 tie point points to keep the  cover secure
  • Designed to suit many modern  rectangular 9 piece dining settings
  • Protects your new outdoor setting
  • Reduced the need to clean or maintain your furniture setting
  • Easy to fit
  • Stylish finish – doesn’t look like a tarpaulin
  • Stronger than most covers found in hardware stores
  • Designed to suit 200 – 220cm x 100cm table with 8 chairs
  • Delivery within 10-14 days of order
  • Dispatched directly to you, not via our Strabane warehouse. You will receive delivery within 14 days.



Length 300cm

Depth 165cm

Height 87cm


– Please note these protective covers don’t stretch. This cover will not fit furniture 300cm x 165cm or larger as additional length is required to take the cover on and off.

– This cover is dispatched directly to you from the factory, not from our Strabane warehouse. You will receive delivery within 14 days