This XXL 3 seater lounge cover is designed for protecting your large 3 or even 4 seater outdoor sofa from UV damage, rain , pets as well as dust and pollution. Made from durable UV-stabilised and waterproof polyester, this cover doesn’t have that cheap plastic and vinyl feel of the covers you buy in discount shops and hardware stores.

To ensure water run off and a great fit the front the cover is angled towards the armrests. We deliver our protective covers to every corner of the UK for only £10.50.

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  • UV resistant
  • 6 Tie down points to secure the cover
  • Designed to most  really large 3 or 4  seater sofas
  • Protects your new outdoor lounge
  • Reduced the need to clean or maintain your cushions and sofa
  • Easy to fit
  • Stylish finish – doesn’t look like a tarpaulin
  • Stronger than most covers found in hardware stores
  • Also suitable for some modular lounges
  • Heavy Duty polyester with TPU waterproof coating
  • Double folded and stitched joins for superior longevity and protection
  • Additional information below videos
  • Dispatched directly to you, not via our Strabane warehouse. You will receive delivery within 14 days.



Length 265cm

Depth 106cm

Height 65cm/80cm


– Please note these protective covers don’t stretch. This cover will not fit furniture 265cm x 106cm or larger as additional length is required to take the cover on and off.

–  The Cover Company (TCC)   will not be held liable for any damage caused to non TCC products when using our outdoor furniture covers. Avoid covering indoor furniture and placing outside. An outdoor furniture cover is no substitute for a full extended roof or awing. Moisture may build up under any protective cover so avoid using covers on furniture that is not designed to be exposed to the elements.

– This cover is dispatched directly to you from the factory, not from our Strabane warehouse. You will receive delivery within 14 days.